Peace Presbyterian Church is a neighborhood-centered church in St. Louis Park. We seek to grow in grace, live in peace, and serve the Lord in helping others. We welcome seekers and members of other denominations and faiths.

We are a neighborhood church with a social conscience.

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New COVID Guidelines

New guidelines have been posted in the church and are available on our website as well. Every Thursday afternoon the CDC updates COVID levels for each county.

Red: Full social distancing and masking required.

Yellow: Masks optional if social distancing can be maintained (recommend masks for going in and out because that is when social distancing breaks down)

Green: social distancing and masks are optional within reason (for example, max 100 in sanctuary)

If local hospitals request the return of masking and social distancing because of overwhelmed hospital systems, we will follow that guideline. We will also adopt any statewide, county wide, or local (St. Louis Park or Minneapolis) ordinance that recommends stricter protocols.

Should Peace Church have an outbreak, we will revert to red for at least 3 weeks.

You can find where Hennepin County falls each week by checking details here:


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