Missions are the heart of Peace Church. Through our faith we are commissioned to care for God’s people. We are committed to serving the community surrounding us with our donations and our time. Our concerns reach worldwide through our missionaries and the Presbyterian Disaster Association.

Amidst the Coronavirus, we have focused on helping those in our community who are food insecure, as many have lost jobs and need assistance making ends meet. We have converted our Little Free Library into a food pantry, where anyone in need can take nonperishable food items. We are also collecting money to donate to the local food shelf, STEP.

In Febuary, because of members who have donated some – or all – of their stimulus check, we are able to donate $750.00 to an organization called CLUES.

CLUES is an organization that helps in the advancement of social, economic and mental health of Latinos in Minnesota. This year, like for so many, brought challenges to this community that no one could imagine with Covid -19. 

As of early April 2020, CLUES was able to develop a Latino Families Relief Fund to meet the urgent needs of undocumented or mixed status families who are unable to access any other relief source. CLUES was able to raise $770,000 that provided $445,000 in cash assistance, $240,000 in emergency housing and $85,000 in emergency food to families most impacted. In spite of this, more help is needed. 

Thanks to all who have donated. You are a ray of light in the darkness. 

In January, we received a note from STEP thanking Peace Church for our continued support since 1975. Due to the pandemic this year, there was not a Christmas Toy shop. In its place, STEP handed out Target gift cards to families so they could buy Christmas presents.

Through the generosity of Intermission and money in the STEP fund, Eileen Unze was able to purchase $1,000 worth of Target gift cards for STEP. Our hearts are filled with gratitude knowing we could be a part of helping many families have a blessed Christmas.

In December, The Mission Committee met with an agenda to find  a place for the $400.00 our church was able to keep from the Peace Offering. We decided to once again give to The  Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota.  

During this difficult year immigrants have often been  forgotten. The Dreamers have been under scrutiny in the last several years and the following story tells of one of these Dreamers. 

When Aung was six months old His family fled the violent civil war of Burma. For thirteen years his family lived in refugee camps. In 2008 Aung and his family came to Minnesota. Coming to Minnesota did not end Aung’s difficult life. He lived in an extremely abusive home environment. With no mental health resources in his native language Aung became involved in drug use. He was taken into ICE  custody and faced deportation to Burma where he would likely be tortured. 

With the help of The Immigration Law Center and many months of work Aung has secured protection from deportation. Now at  the age of 25 Aung has a second chance at life. This is just one story of the people who our helped by this organization.

We participate in many missions within our own walls, our community, locally, regionally, nationally and world-wide. Are you interested in volunteering with one of the many opportunities to serve in the community? Ask us how you can get involved. Below are some of the organizations we support:

STEP, St. Louis Park Emergency Program: STEP is the St. Louis Park community food shelf and social service agency. STEP has been empowering lives and restoring hope in St. Louis Park since 1975. Their mission is to identify, address and respond to the critical and emergency needs of residents in St. Louis Park. They directly provide food and clothing to residents in need, as well as advocacy, referrals, and build a collaborative relationship.

Meals on Wheels/Dinner at Your Door: Meals on Wheels is a community-based service that provides fresh, nutritious meals delivered directly to the homes of seniors and individuals with disabilities throughout the Twin Cities. In addition to regularly providing healthy foods, volunteers provide social connection that helps meal recipients remain living independently in their own homes.

St. Stephen’s: St. Stephen’s mission is Ending Homelessness. They support individuals and families experiencing homelessness in achieving permanent, affordable housing, through street outreach, shelter, and housing programs.  We envision a community in which housing instability is rare, brief and non-recurring, ending homelessness as we know it.